Silent Salute

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Lighting Up Skies, Not Sounds – Advocating for Veterans’ Peace of Mind.

At Silent Salute, we are committed to revolutionizing the fireworks industry by providing innovative, low-noise alternatives specifically designed for individuals with noise sensitivity, including veterans with PTSD, those with special needs, and pets. Our mission is to create a truly inclusive and enjoyable fireworks experience, where celebration meets tranquility. We combine cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by our target audience, ensuring that our fireworks deliver stunning visual displays without overwhelming noise. With Silent Salute, we aim to bring joy, comfort, and peace to those who may have previously felt excluded from traditional fireworks celebrations.

Ignite the Night,

Embrace the Peace

Are you tired of feeling excluded or having those you love left out from traditional fireworks celebrations due to noise sensitivity? At Silent Salute, we understand the importance of inclusivity and the need for a serene celebration. Our revolutionary brand of quiet fireworks, available in 2024, is designed specifically for individuals with noise sensitivity, including individuals with special needs, pets, and most importantly, Veterans with PTSD.


Encouraging Inclusivity, Honoring Contributions

Imagine a scenario where a veteran with PTSD, who has selflessly served the United States of America, is unable to fully participate in an event meant to celebrate and honor their contributions. The loud sounds of traditional fireworks can trigger anxiety, stress, and discomfort, leaving them feeling excluded and disconnected. Silent Salute aims to change that narrative.

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Revolutionizing the Fireworks Experience

Silent Salute stands at the forefront of the fireworks industry, leading the way in creating a truly inclusive celebration that respects and accommodates individuals with noise sensitivity. Our quiet fireworks are meticulously crafted using cutting-edge technology to deliver stunning visual displays without the overwhelming noise associated with traditional fireworks.

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A Spectacle of Tranquility, Uniting Loved Ones

At Silent Salute, our goal is to bring people together and celebrate the joy of special occasions without excluding those who are overstimulated or disturbed by loud noises. Whether it’s a Fourth of July gathering, a community event, or a private celebration, our quiet fireworks provide a serene experience that can be enjoyed by everyone, including pets and individuals with special needs.

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Embrace the Freedom of Celebration, Unleash the Beauty of Quiet Fireworks

Silent Salute enables you to embrace the freedom of celebration without compromising on the peace and comfort you deserve. We are committed to creating a world where fireworks can be experienced by all, fostering a sense of unity and understanding within our communities.

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Join the Silent Salute Movement

Be a part of the Silent Salute movement and make every celebration truly inclusive. Experience the breathtaking beauty of our quiet fireworks and witness the joy on the faces of those who can finally participate in the festivities without distress. Together, let’s ignite the night, embrace the peace, and create lasting memories for everyone.

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Giving Tribute to our Veterans, Transforming Celebrations

We hold our veterans in the highest regard and recognize their invaluable contributions to our nation. Silent Salute aims to honor their service by ensuring they can fully participate in and enjoy events that are meant to commemorate their dedication. Our quiet fireworks not only allow veterans with PTSD to experience the celebration but also serve as a reminder of our gratitude and appreciation for their sacrifices. Additionally, a portion of all Silent Salute sales will be given to bring awareness and support Veteran causes.

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Pyro Penny’s Veteran of the Month:


Vince is a U.S. Navy Veteran and former Veteran’s Counselor for the University of Hawaii.

Coming Soon

Silent Salute Fireworks are in production and will be available in 2024. Sign up to hear when the journey begins.