Silent Salute

Lighting Up Skies, Not Sounds – Advocating for Veterans’ Peace of Mind.

Silent Salute is our unique contribution to the wholesale fireworks market, offering a sound-sensitive solution that respects the needs of those living with PTSD. Each firework illuminates the night sky with vibrant colors and patterns, creating visually stunning displays without the traditional boom. Silent Salute is not just about the beauty of the spectacle, but also the silence that accompanies it, allowing everyone, especially our respected veterans, to enjoy the magic of fireworks without anxiety or discomfort.

Moreover, at Pyro Penny, we believe in giving back. A portion of every Silent Salute sale goes directly to a dedicated Veterans’ charity, demonstrating our commitment to raising awareness about Veterans’ Mental Health needs. By choosing Silent Salute, you’re not just choosing a stunning, sound-sensitive fireworks display, but you’re also contributing to a cause that provides crucial support to our veterans.

Welcome to Pyro Penny!

Pyro Penny is your premier destination for wholesale fireworks in the industry. We specialize in providing high-quality, awe-inspiring pyrotechnics that turn every celebration into a spectacle. Among our extensive range of products, the patent brand “Silent Salute” stands out — a revolutionary line of silent fireworks crafted with thoughtfulness and innovation.

Explore our expansive range of wholesale fireworks and discover the difference of Silent Salute — where the sky’s the limit for visually stunning displays that celebrate the beauty of silence. Together, let’s light up the night sky in honor of those who’ve served, and continue to spark conversations about Veterans’ Mental Health. Experience Pyro Penny’s Silent Salute — a tribute that truly resonates with the heart.

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Pyro Penny, Fun For Everyone!

We have the highest quality fireworks that will exceed your expectations, allow everyone to be together, and leave lasting memories. Each Pyro Penny firework stand is stocked with a vast selection of fireworks – from our signature Silent Salute range, tailored for those with sound sensitivities, to traditional crowd-pleasers like aerial repeaters, Roman candles, and bottle rockets.


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