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Find your nearest Pyro Penny firework stand using our interactive map and stock-up on all your fireworks needs. Whether you’re planning a small backyard celebration or a grand community event, our convenient locations are ready to serve all your pyrotechnic needs.

From dazzling fountains to booming rockets, we’ve got the perfect fireworks to light up your celebrations!

Welcome to Pyro Penny’s Fireworks Product Page – your gateway to the most vibrant, high-quality fireworks on the market. We’re proud to bring you an extensive selection of pyrotechnic products that are sure to make your celebrations truly unforgettable.

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Explore our diverse collection of aerial repeaters, beloved by fireworks enthusiasts for their stunning effects and power. Our aerial repeaters soar high into the sky, bursting into brilliant colors and patterns that are sure to dazzle your audience.

Experience the timeless charm of Roman candles, an essential for any fireworks display. These classics shoot colorful stars into the night, creating a poetic dance of light that’ll leave viewers in awe.

For those who love an explosive finale, our multi-shot cakes are a perfect choice. These products provide a choreographed sequence of multiple shots that light up the sky with a spectacular display of colors and effects.

Add a personal touch to your celebration with our range of sparklers. Available in various colors and sizes, our sparklers are perfect for creating memorable moments, whether it’s a wedding exit, a birthday party, or a backyard celebration.

For the noise-conscious, explore our innovative Silent Salute range. These quiet fireworks offer visually stunning displays without the loud bangs, making them a thoughtful choice for sound-sensitive environments or PTSD-aware events.

Safety is paramount at Pyro Penny. Along with our fireworks, we provide a range of safety products, including firework lighters and punk sticks. We’re committed to helping you create a safe and awe-inspiring fireworks display

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